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العملاق لإدارة كل ملفاتك الموسيقية Music Collector

Music Collector

Music Collector

Music Collector النهائي لبناء تطبيقات قواعد البيانات و إدارة كاملة من الأغاني الخاصة بك . معظم مستخدمي الكمبيوتر لديهم الكثير من الألبومات الموسيقية على القرص الصلب الخاص بهم.
من خلال هذا البرنامج الرائع تستطيع تنظيم وترتيب ومشاركة كل الملفات الموسيقية الخاصة بك .

All genuine music gatherers require an apparatus like Music Collector. This indexing utility can sort out and deal with your whole music recordings paying little respect to their organization and their area.

You can label and portray vinyl records, tapes, DVDs, Blu-beam plates, recordable media, and different organizations you may have. Its abnormal state of customization and various apparatuses it offers to assist you with dealing with your sound recordings make this project truly an absolute necessity for all music lovers.

You can plan and fill in your own indexes or import information from existing databases and  documents. Every section can be effectively portrayed in full on account of the broad rundown of metadata and labels that the project offers. Devotees of established music will love the particular tab gave to index these recordings, with particular fields for the director, the symphony, or the ensemble.

You don't have to truly own the plate or the sound document to have it on your index - Music Collector can likewise stay informed regarding your list of things to get, and keep you educated of the recordings you wish to gain, their cost, and so forth.

 Thus, you can deal with those things acquired from your accumulation and know precisely who has them, where, for to what extent, and when they ought to be returned.Music Collector incorporates all the pursuit and recovery, altering, sorting, and survey devices you would anticipate from any genuine recording device.

 Furthermore some that you would never expect - it offers all of you sorts of measurable information about your property (counting circle and reference diagrams) and the likelihood of synchronizing your database with your CLZ Cloud account.

 At long last, you can trade your music accumulation to different organizations and to particular gadgets, for example, iPod.Music Collector will assist you with keeping your music conveniently sorted out.

The measure of data that you can append to every section is just stunning, helping you to depict every thing to the smallest subtle element. The program's alluring interface and the wide mixture of formats that you can browse will make your music accumulation spar

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