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برنامج الضغط الرهيب KGB Archiver1.2

 KGB Archiver
KGB Archiver

اقوى برنامج ضغط الى الان البرنامج رهيب وقوي جدا

يقوم بضغط الملفات الى حد هائل وغير مصدق حيث انه يقوم بأستهلاك جميع الرام على جهازك.

البرنامج يعطيك نتائج مذهلة في مقدار عملية الضغط
عيب البرنامج الوحيد انه يستهلك جميع الذاكرة

هذا برنامج رائع لضغط الملفات الكبيرة الحجم ليجعلها صغيرة الحجم

KGB Archiver is not your normal record compressor. It has all the effect on the planet, size-wise, on the grounds that it can make the tinniest chronicles. This is because of the way that its pressure rate is stunning, practically one of a kind in its product class. 

Different pressure alternatives 
This little and apparently plain programming is amazingly effective, and it could without much of a stretch surpass different results of its kind (with regards to pressure size, not speed). 

Chronicles can be made in either KGB or ZIP organization, and pressure level can be set from negligible to most extreme (with a great deal of choices in the middle). Furthermore, you can secure them by doling out a secret word, regardless of which pressure level you pick. 

Intense result at the expense of time 

For instance, we compacted a document of 1.2MB at most extreme level. The procedure took 30 seconds, and the outcome measured 366,5KB. Huge document take significantly more than that, clearly. Along these lines, yes, KBG Archiver is effective, yet it additionally sets aside long time for greatest pressure level. 

Shows accommodating information 

Amid pressure, KGB Archiver showcases the advancement, together with the present size versus the anticipated size and the remaining time. This data is additionally accessible in a little window that appears on the off chance that you move the mouse over the application symbol in the framework plate. 

KGB Archiver additionally puts alternate ways in the Explorer setting menu, yet you can make that vanish from the Options window of the application.

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