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برنامج لغلق الجهاز Shutdown Monster4

Shutdown Monster
Shutdown Monster

وظيفة هذا البرنامج هي اغلاق الكمبيوتر في وقت انت تريده اي تحدد الوقت واليوم بالساعة والدقيقة والثانية لكي تضمن انه بعد انتهاء عملك الساعة كذا كذا سيتم اغلاق الجهاز ومنها تحافظ على موعد استخدام الاطفال للكمبيوتر اي تحدد لهم وقت وبعدها يطفىء الكمبيوتر اجباري برنامج رائع

Programming that can plan programmed shutdown groupings for the PC framework are greatly required by the individuals who leave their home without killing their PC in light of the fact that the antivirus couldn't complete the process of checking in time, or other comparative circumstances. 

Fast arrangement and instinctive interface 
Shutdown Monster is a little utility that can be of administration when you end up in such cases. The establishment procedure is a breeze and needs your help similarly as a couple of "Next" catches go. The interface is ultra-straightforward and holds a couple of tabs that offer access to the greater part of the program's components. 

Plan shutdown forms 

The principal tab shows a logbook, permitting you to pick the careful date and time when you need the PC to close down. The commencement grouping is accessible in the second tab and demonstrates the remaining time in hours, minutes, and seconds (the present time is shown underneath).


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