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تحميل برنامج في ال سي VLC مجانا Download VLC Media Player

Download VLC Media Player
Download VLC Media Player

البرنامج المتميز VLC Media Player فى مجاله والذى أثبت كفائة بالغة فى وسط برامج وعمالقة تشغيل ملفات الصوت والفيديو بحق برنامج لا غنى عنه لأى مستخدم من مستخدمى الحاسب الآلى.

برنامج قارئ الوسائط VLC هو قارئ متعدد الوسائط للويندوز قوي فعلا. يقرأ جميع أنواع ملفات الوسائط بسرعة.

يحتاج برنامج قارئ الوسائط VLC فقط إلى 3 ثوان ليشتغل ثم يجب عليكم أن تختاروا فقط الملف و VLC سيقرأه.

يدعم البرنامج وسائط : MPEG-1، MPEG-2، MPEG-4 ... DivX، mp3، و DVDs، VCDs، والعديد من بروتكولات التدفق.

يمكن أيضا أن يستخدم كخادم تدفق في الإرسال الموحد أو المتعدد في IPv4 أو IPv6 على شبكة نطاق تردد عالي.

بالإضافة، يمكنه أيضا أن يقرأ ملفات غير كاملة و هذا شيء رائع إذا كنت تحمل فيلما و كنت تود أن تختبره إذا كان الفيلم الحقيقي أو مزيفا.

كل هذه المزايا تجعل من برنامج قارئ الوسائط VLC ( المعروف سابقا بـ عميل VideoLan) واحدا من قارئي الوسائط الأكثر استخداما.

In order to be ready to absolutely get pleasure from a show or song, acceptable applications have to be compelled to be used. Media files ar found beneath an outsized style of formats, not supported by all out there players. Among the present trade giants that have designed a {reputation} and reputation over the years, there's VLC media player, a straightforward wanting tool with plenty of power beneath the hood.
Cleverly organize your media files

On the visual aspect, the applying stays clean, with no shiny buttons or components to boost the interface. However, accessing the 'Options' menu provides you the chance to customise the layout or maybe utterly amendment the skin with the assistance of downloadable content.

Regardless of your vogue alternative, it's capable of taking part in each video and audio files. you'll remark the list editor, which may either be docked or left floating round the desktop. Files will be managed from here, with the chance to easily have desired things dragged over Associate in Nursing indicated space.

You can save configurations to play afterward, having them combined, music and flicks. in addition, you're ready to choose one among the out there radio stations provided, and it's presumably to even stumble across the one you've got your frequency tuned to.
Enhance your video and audio expertise

Giving VLC media player a strive takes a number of some time, having you snoop through each corner for hidden treasures. every button you press brings up new prospects. A 12-band equalizer is place at your disposal so you'll rigorously modify frequency sliders to fine-tune sound. you'll conjointly create use of 1 of the out there presets, however with no choice to save custom configurations.

The case conjointly applies to motion photos, with changes sliders for a good quantity of classes, like Crop, Colors, Geometry, AtmoLight, and a number of other a lot of. you'll simply switch to fullscreen for a clearer read, and there ar even many audio mental image choices.
A few last words

To add it up, VLC media player is Associate in Nursing application that comes equipped with all you wish to totally get pleasure from media files. plenty will be aforesaid concerning verity power hidden beneath the easy interface, however the magic is best discovered in person. It is, and represents verity that means of a media player.
والآن مع شرح كيفية تحميل وتنصيب البرنامج على جهاز الكمبيوتر تابع الفيديو التالى :


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